PUT /v2/ext-send-direct-cast

Sends a Direct Cast.


Authorization Bearer <API_KEY>


recipientFid the FID to send the Direct Cast to
message the message to send (UTF-8 encoded, max 1024 characters)
idempotencyKey idempotency key to safely retry with

Sample Request

curl -X 'PUT' "<https://api.warpcast.com/v2/ext-send-direct-cast>" \\
  -H'Authorization: Bearer <$your_api_key>' \\
  -H'Content-Type: application/json' \\
  --data-raw '{
  "recipientFid": 6841,
  "message": "this is a programmatic Direct Cast",
  "idempotencyKey": "ed3d9b95-5eed-475f-9c7d-58bdc3b9ac00"

Sample Response

  "result": {
    "success": true

Rate Limiting

Up to 5 messages can be sent to a recipient per minute. Maximum of 5000 messages can be sent by the sender daily. There is currently no way to see the current rate limits within headers. A 429 will be returned once you hit the rate limit.